Planning & Design

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How can Ryan Architectural Solutions help you?

With 98% success in obtaining planning permission for our client’s we have built a reputation for no nonsense and no time wasting. We are up front in letting our clients know whether they can proceed with an application or whether they should look at an alternative option.

Ryan Architectural Solutions offer planning and design consultancy and advice, as well as full designs for small, medium and large residential, commercial, community and agricultural projects. RAS is committed to client needs and a one-stop-shop quality service.

Services Include:

  • Planning consultancy and advice for all projects
  • Preliminary advice on potential sites
  • Pre-planning meetings with relevant planning authorities
  • Drawings from preliminary concepts to compete planning drawings
  • Planning submissions to the relevant authorities
  • Further Information Responses
  • Submissions to An Bord Pleanala
  • Follow-up Services; Refer to Services above

Where additional services are not listed herein eg EPA Reports, Archaeological Reports etc are needed, RAS will advise the client regarding these and can organise where requested.